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November 3rd, 2005
03:19 pm


I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness...
I'm going to Hillsdale College.
tonight. let the countdown begin.

on the ursuline side, school is school is school and our school smells. so now you know how i feel about school and the end of the quarter and how i am missing the 80's Dance party. Disappointment is all up in hurr. on the bright side of life i listened to techno in the cafe. and sum-41 476565645784trilliontimes.

why are you reading this?!? It's GORGEOUS outside. I love fall!! However, I, must finish my composition position paper of doom. mwahahaha then I will leave Cincinnati and go to lovely Michigan. ((ilovemichigan))

Does anyone else think these hearts <3 <3 <3 <3 look like ice cream cones? Or am I just hungry?
maybe we all already know the answer to that question

I'll leave you with this thought...

The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn, like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everybody goes "Awww!"

...all I need is to drink coffee wear black and practice snapping my fingers in appreciation

happy weekend friend.

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October 29th, 2005
04:11 pm


congrats to Caylee who looked excellent on the big screen being a Moe drum major!!
random update: Friday was FUN

actually, school kinda blew because I got two demerits in the same morning (which I quickly got over) and it was C-day (equals uno free mod) but actualllllly i lied. i love school.

after school was book club (!!!) Hooray for Le Petit Prince!
It was very very good and made me want to actually read the book. Which I will be buying today. tomorrow.
dave, dan, and andrew were at school, hiding in the cafe section of the cafe so i didn't see them until I escaped Book Club with a cupcake I took. oops.

I went to Michelle's after school with her and Claire and we listened to techno music. Need I saw more? I don't think so because Techno Rules. We ate pizza and got ready and talked to her mom. Then Danny came over. Then Georgia came over. Then we set off for Paul Brown Stadium: EXCITEMENT
*especially the part where we circled down town going to 3rd and Central looking for Dan and his supposed 'free parking'.

The game was good. Actually the game was GREAT. Socializing is good, pictures are good, St. X winning was good, knowing people on the team is good, the twins not looking like Go Go Power Rangers! was good (For them, of course. I personally like their attractive blue and black attire.), and basically having a ball is good. No, great.

However: spilling hot chocolate on your self is bad.
multiple times is even worse.

Composition People I saw (in order of appearence):
equals bff/love for all/it's a COMP thing

I liked Lydia's scarf and wanted to wear it because it was cold and I wore sandals because I forgot my birks at home the end.

The night ended with my Dad being goofy and not letting me spend the night away from the abode, being cold, eating a really good roast beef and swiss cheese on pretzel sandwhich (compliments of the Harpenaus), seeing my Aunt Kim, Uncle Jim, and cousins Tommy and Jack because we parked next to them (it's a smallsmallsmallsmall world), playing ball in the now deserted parking lot as the streets were crammed with cars, and George giving me a ride home because he is fantastic. and lives in hyde park/ mt. lookout too.

sleep was good.

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October 15th, 2005
03:54 pm


my mother bought me the h.duff cd with come clean on it. jam session. be there or be veryveryuncool
last week (or rather one week before last) was freshman initiation week and i got my sweet "SENIORS: just obey us" t-shirts. that was excellent. otherwise, that week was bad because it equalled julie getting absolutely no sleep whatsoever. aaaand yeah. very uncool week, but nevertheless very entertaining.

so this week/ last week was muchmuch better due to the fact that julie slept! A number of various clubs and tests abd quizzes and papers have been due but who truly wants to hear about that? Just like I may be in denial about the whole college thing. Let's not talk about apps or my constant avoidance of the guidance office. Okay, mainly just Ms. Abernathy, but that's because I'm afraid. Gina found her school file (i.e. her transcript, reccommendations, etc) in Ms. A's TRASH CAN after her meeting with her. It just "fell off her desk"...into the trash can! oh lord

Composition was amazing once again this week. I know you are all jealous. We may get off topic once or twice, but what class doesn't? We learn silly things like grammer and we read sweet books by a guy named romano and we write write write i love to write. I feel that I am growing as a person because of the class. we are so diverse in all the people taking it too. i love small classes. the end. hence why my college of choice has 1200. total.

speaking of class, does the rest of Cincinnati just not go to school?
st. x had monday, tuesday, and wednesday off
mariemont had tuesday off
covington latin had friday off
ursuline doesn't get off till november 18th!

[SAVE THAT DATE: NOVEMBER 18th--harry potter iv AND pride and prejudice!!]

I am currently reading Nancy Drew and The Mystery of the 99 Steps. It is utterly fanstatic (how could you go wrong with Nancy Drew?!) I was reading George Eliot's Mill on the Floss--which was also enjoyable--until my father came in this morning and told me to stop reading boring books. He thinks George Eliot is a tedious and verbose writer, which she can be a lot, but that is still not reason to hide my book so that I will move on. lamelamelame

movies to see: broken flowers, domino, thumbsucker, proof, oliver twist

I have been caught dancing in the cafe waaay too many times this week haha but honestly, who hasn't?!?

On Monday, Katie Feldy, Linds Arway, and I trekked over to Moeller to visit Mrs. Ring because we promised we would. I have never visited an all-boys school before while it was in session. it was SWEET and i'm going to have to do it again so all those inclined to join me are welcome. we can eventually move on to other schools too...

Newspaper on Wednesday was a.m.a.z.i.n.g
i love my section
i love the staff
this year is going to be fantastico and i can hardly wait
mainly because the sports section has FIVE writers (count 'em! not including me) FIVE opposed to last year's ONE writer plus moi
enthusiasm is seeping into my body

Katie turned 16 on Thursday, October 13th. I believe it was a fine day for her, especially as my mother and I put signs all around the school, including all her classes.
Daddy and I took Mikey down to Newport because he went camping this weekend with a friend of his from school and soccer. Cov Lat didn't have school on Friday for some weird reason so they went camping. Normal, I know. Then Dad and I picked up Katie from practice. I think she was stoked about that. We had a big family dinner that night, then Lara, Sarah, Lydia, and Frank came over to celebrate. It was very fun and I loved the fantastic conversations I had, not to mention the delectible apple crisp I had. Then Frank got the walk of his life and everyone went home.

"Don't ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you start missing everybody."

^This is a very true quote aaaand that was how i felt Thursday night. So I wrote Bill a message thanking him for being my friend because for some really odd reason Bill stuck out in my mind. A little odd, I know, but I can't explain it. Then he called me even though he had a six page paper due the next day and we talked for a bit and then he had to understandably go. That really meant a lot to me because for some reason I got into a rut late Thursday night and I felt like calling people I don't even talk to a lot and people I do but since I never call anyone it just didn't feel right. So kudos to Bill for tolerating me.

Friiiday was fun because I got off school at 11:36 and didn't actually leave until like 2. dope. well, when you have things to do slash are just having a lot of fun you don't want to leave. The perks of being free all the time are great. try it out. and then say this phrase without laughing: SHE LAUGHS AT MY DREAMS BUT I DREAM ABOUT HER LAUGHTER
do it. try it. stare intently into someone's eyes, say that phrase, and keep a straight face. i dare you.
psych! you can't! it's cool...we can still be friends lol

Maria and I were having our pride and prejudice partay on friday and were planning on starting it 4-4:30. Buuttt Davey picked me up 5ish and off we went to drop off Gus and do toady tasks for Andrew, which ended up not getting done. So we started the movie. about three or five times. watched it, ate pizza mrs. m and maddy got from mason, and then started to watch it again before we all decided to go down to scpa for their benefit concert instead. shhhh don't tell. we picked up lydia's friend Courtney, went to the concert, saw katie f (duh, she was half in charge and the one who spread the word about the concert), and met up with andrew, aran, and john lee--the only person i know that it seems required to say his last name as well as his first name when you refer to him. the concert was enjoyable; we only saw 3 bands (we may have been late) but Live Aura was by far the best. I love the drummer and guitarist. maybe because they are really sweet on the drums/guitar and have sweet hair? idunno.

After the show we chilled for a bit and I made a friend and then we had to take Courtney home because she had the psat the next day. ooohh mann. i miss those days. Fabio took us back to Maria's but Fabs was unable to make the radio play My Hump, which was more than disappointing. Maria's house was fun with cold pizza and the fooze ball table, where basically john lee and i owned everyone. david, lydia, and maria were the blue players, aran just wasn't playing, andrew was supposed to be on our team, but felt above the game, so he just watched (except when he tried to sabatoge the blue players for our benefit. braaavvo). first game was 18-8, and the second game was 19-8. they.got.owned.
We started to watch Supersize Me, which began to gross me out for the second time now. It was still pretty funny and Morgan whateverhisnameis's vegan chef girlfriend is still annyoying. You can guess how sad I was to leave that informative movie when David told me it was time to go hahaha good times

Katie had her birthday party last night so basically I did not have a very enjoyable sleep, no matter how comfortable the bed was. and today, one of the most beautiful days this fall, today I devote to homework and other needless tasks. like reading jd salinger's early works. I am babysitting tonight (surprise!) so I will probably be watching pride and projudice. for realz.

This entry is now a novella, so I will sign off--


Current Music: Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack

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October 1st, 2005
03:59 pm


Campbell: good for tomato soup and ap biology books
Apparently Jen Wint tagged me. So, I thought I would amuse her by actually oblidging and listing twenty things about me, whether you know these things already or not. AND since I know of at least five of you who are stalking me, this should be an extra bonus :)

1. I am an incessent list maker.

2. My moods change constantly based on little things. like talking to me vs. not talking to me, smiling or looking at me vs. not smiling and/ or looking at me. I intensely dislike when people avoid me, and so, I avoid them back. My maturity level always rises when I am affronted or feel personally ignored.

3. I absolutely adore taking pictures.

4. I love every type of music--old and new--except country. Because country needs to die. Or at least go back to the country and away from me. Which goes along with my love from collecting song lyrics and quotes and applying them to life. Or my Mixed Media project.

5. I was published in a magazine when I was twelve. I still write short stories and the like and I will be published one day professionally so become friends with me now haha. Then when everyone is all "Hey did you read those sweet stories by Julie Robison?" you can be like "Hell yeah! and I know her" (ambitious? i think not. determined? absolutely)

6. I caused Erin Kavanagh to choke on her sandwhich in the cafe when I used the f-word in a sentence.

7. I love running in the rain. or when it is cool. or cold. hot is a not. under armor is life.

8. I have a hamster named Hammie. Okay, I lied, his real name is Gabriel but we call him Hammie.

9. I love dancing. I may not look like I am dancing, but I am, and I love it. Especially if it is in the rain or in a random public place. Bust a move.

10. Reasons I will never become a vegetarian: 1) chicken 2) steak 3) pork [need i go on?]

11. I love reading. The end.

12. I can't touch my eyes. People who can touch their eyes freak me out, but I am sometimes jealous of their contact-wearing abilities. My eye doctor secretly/ not-so-secretly abhors me.

13. I love being friends with people and see no reason why I cannot be friends with everyone.

14. My favorite newpaper is a London paper: The Financial Times. Is that weird? Not as weird as being the only one on the Newspaper Staff in love with her section. Being editor of the sports section is supurb. Everyone should join [the paper/me/sports]. This year is going to be amazing.

15. If you've never pretended to be drunk in a public place before, you should. [word of the night, that should make you laugh ceaselessly: apple. if you are feeling foreign, or simply wish people to think you are foreign, say la pomme. for a little more variation, go for pineapple.]

16. My obsessions: Katherine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly. I want to be them, because they are fantastic. there is nothing more to be said.

17. I stole a little blue racquet ball from a garage sale when I was little. I've had guilt trips ever since. But comparatively speaking, it wasn't that bad. I once had a friend steal a book from a garage sale, and another friend and her brother stole an orange cone off the road. It was pretty funny: we'd open her trunk to put our backpacks in before going to lacrosse practice and ta-da! orange cone.

18. If you put food in front of me, I will eat it.

19. My siblings and I make movies, and they are utterly fantastic and hilarious. Then we give them to our parents. Then we take them back to re-watch.

20. I talk to people while I drive. People in other cars, that is. Tell them to get over or move or the like.

i need to study for school and excel at life.
i tag joy * lydia * erin * carrie * darcy

apologies if you've already done it. but i am never on so how would i know that.

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August 24th, 2005
10:32 am


jammin to techno
today is moving day. if you have a half an hour or multiple hours to spend helping move that would be wonderful and my parents would compensate you for your time. i will now live at 3265 linwood. call me on the cell if you have any questions. if you need the number, i am sure you can find someone to give it to you since i don't feel like giving it out online. simply not a smart move :)
your presence would be most welcome
so i got back from michigan last night. it was a lot of fun. i would elaborate, but i don't have time. i had the generations breakfast this morning with lauren, besl, and monica and it was splendid. i can now sort of pronounce our new principle's name. however, i have to get home before the movers do. i leave for canada tomorrow. and we're moving today. out of the house i've lived in for 16 years. so yes.
stress level is rising
but it's cool
everyone must stop in to say hello
once in a while

ahhh must go get more boxes
hopefully i will see you lata playa


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August 6th, 2005
04:25 pm


Fat is a Feminist Issue...as are Oil Changes and the right to sing "I'm a Lumberjack" in public
so i guess i should work on the whole "updating" thing
it is a fault of mine, so instead of typing out ten or so tedious pages of all my doings, I will enlighten you with little quid pro quos of knowledge, especially since I have been popping in every so often to check up on my own dear friends; it isn't fair that I read yours but then tell you nothing of my doings

To all you people who do surveys and such that are super long: I have to admit that I can no longer get past your name because they are much much too long. I would rather hear that you ate 3 cans of pineapple than know you would prefer people with blue eyes or large noses. I'm sorry to say that I do not have either. However, my sister Megan, soon to be age six next wednesday, was kind enough to tell me that i have "nasty green" eyes. hmph. I have hazel eyes thank you very much.

well basically my summer has gone by waaay too fast and thats really sad
the fact that my batteries ran out on my run yesterday is even worse than summer going fast because not only did i have to listen to the sound of my feet pound the pavement for the 2-3 miles back that i had left, but i had to carry the stupid thing around with me
and this is worse because:

but onto happier topics
like pie

I would just like to squealch all rumors flying around:
yes, i am moving.
to the corner of linwood and van dyke.
you are all welcome to visit as frequently or as infrequently as you like.
i would personally prefer the former rather than the latter.
thank you.

Packer/Cleaner/Friend/Helper/Box Carrier of the week: Miss Lydia Davidoski
Congratulations. You may claim your prize at a later date.
Explanation for award: Lydia came over Thursday and helped the Robisons take boxes over to storage, pack up the basement, lug boxes up and down the stairs, and other duties that are quite too boring to describe. She was tres amazing for coming over and even more so for her active participation in a little game we like to call "who can throw more away?"
Afterwards we watched Amost Famous and that was excellent.

I would like to make a formal request to the weatherman to make it stop raining because I would eventually like to go to a Reds game. in town. before the season is over.
if not
Julie's Top 5 Things To Do In The Rain*
Run in the rain
Dance in the rain
Take a walk in the rain
Find worms who make wiggled out onto the sidewalk in the rain
Play games in the rain

*umbrella and/or raincoat are allowed if you must stay dry for silly reason

Coldplay coming to town!! Next Tuesday!!
--the tickets are basically $35 ghsdfjkghfsd dollars
and i'm just not sure if i want to pay that for lawn seats
even if the $3.25 parking is included

I find that as I type I move from one silly topic to another. Very James Joyce. Although I'm sure he had more pattern than I do, but then again I'm not publishing what I type here. Like how I have now watched When Harry Met Sally twice in the past two days. or how I haven't hung out with half the people I was planning to this summer. Or how I am reading seven books right now, including The Way of The Wiseguy by Donnie Brasco aka Joseph D. Pistone (It's great. Read it.) Or how mad I am going to get if one more oil change person rips me off because I'm a girl. How much does it cost for you guys to get your cars changed? Is it because of the green machine? Or maybe they discriminate against popped collars.

My cousin is coming back from her Sememster at Sea the last-ish week of August and Katie and I are driving up to see her that week in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. It's too bad that this trip overlapped other trips, but so be it. Who is better than William Shakespeare anyways?!? After a visit, we're going with my aunt and cousin to the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Canada. I'm stoked. The countdown begins! as does the countdown to locate my birth certificate tucked safely away in one of the hundreds of boxes stashed at Lunken Storage. happyhappyjoyjoy

for all you people typing "ciao" for good-bye, I may not be Italian, but I'm pretty sure that means hello.
if you wish to say goodbye, try saying (or typing) "arrivederci"
it works

Also, Bob Dylan is still alive. He's not dead. He may look emaciated, but he is still living.
that's why I put up young Bob. He's sweeeet.
[who's proud of me for figuring out how to put up an icon? i am :) ]

Well, I've gotta go. Maybe I'll see you tonight. Maybe I won't. If not--

L'amo. Spero di vederla molto presto. Stare il fresco --

fair thee well
-julie marie elizabeth robison the first

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July 21st, 2005
10:46 pm


i'm on the road again, it looks like i'm on the road again
so super quick update
was in chicago last weekend
i am now on college visits
which are super duper fun with almost all the fam
must tell you about the people/guys i met later :)
then i'll be in michigan till august
i want to see you all

and oh yeah

we're moving to mt. lookout

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July 9th, 2005
03:47 pm


roger that

Your Birthdate: March 12

Being born on the 12th day of the month (3 energy) is likely to add a good bit of vitality to your life.

The energy of 3 allows you bounce back rapidly from setbacks, physical or mental.

There is a restlessness in your nature, but you seem to be able to portray an easygoing, sometimes "couldn't care less" attitude.

You have a natural ability to express yourself in public, and you always make a very good impression.

Good with words, you excel in writing, speaking, and possibly singing.

You are energetic and always a good conversationalist.

You have a keen imagination, but you tend to scatter your energies and become involved with too may superficial matters.

Your mind is practical and rational despite this tendency to jump about.

You are affectionate and loving - but very sensitive.

You are subject to rapid ups and downs.

so that's interesting :)

so point of the story is that
YES i never update and
YES i miss all of you and
YES i want to do stuff and
YES i am going out of town on the 15th

does anyone else feel like summer is going waaaaaay too fast?

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June 13th, 2005
04:38 pm


i love screech too
So I have a little story, and it goes like this...
Well, where did I leave you?
Ah yes, last Monday...

Tuesday I went shopping with my aunt and got some waay cute clothes and shoes

Wednesday I had my David Pepper meeting with Ross and went to Maria’s house, where we watched the super cute A Cinderella Story with H. Duff and Chad. Then Bill came over and we played chess/ taught Julie how to play chess
Thursday was study-for-ACTs-day. Then I needed to get out so I went to Hyde Park to get Graeters with Danny, Michelle, Nick, Andrew, and David–which was awesome.

Friday I trekked over to Monica’s house about two o’clock with the intention to go Mt. Lookout Swim Club. However, the rain cancelled out those plans so instead we got wet, ate lots of food (that we bought during our Kroger Adventure), visited Nelliecone at Joseph-Beth, watched the amazing movie that is ZOOLANDER (one look! ONE LOOK! I don’t think so!), read magazines that were not suitable for 12-year old’s eyes, watched PIMP MY RIDE, and ate delicious spaghetti-o’s. I then had to leave before Breakfast Club since my parents were calling. Turns out there was a cleaning marathon happening at the home front in anticipation for my aunt and cousin’s impending arrival. Who knew?
AND OMG DAD FINALLY FOUND (and bought!) ANOTHER COPY OF THE 1932 SHOWBOAT. Which, by the way, is amazing. And absolutely spectacular. And everyone should see it. Because it is absolutely wonderful. And amazing.

I ate eggs and set off to Indian Hill for my ACT. I thought I did pretty well. I’ll find out in 4-6 weeks, now won’t I? At least I wasn’t in AZ...lol. I stopped by the Murdock household to say howdy do to Maria but she wasn’t at home. Probably at the festival. Whatever. So I continued on home, where Aunt Nancy, Sarah, Johnny, Megan, and I all loaded into the car to take Johnny to his sweet birthday party at the LAND OF MAKE BELIEVE at Lunken. How sweet is that? Their own land of make believe! Then we went to the Bon Bonerie for some cookies for the party. They were scrumptious. I got a bumble bee :) Did you know the Bon Bonerie’s website is www.thebonbon.com? How cute is that?!
Then we hit up the Running Spot for my amazing Aasics GT-2100 that are white/quick silver/bubble gum, size 9 (I know, I know: ginormous compared to some, but pretty comfy for me!) They make me want to run more just because they are sweet. I also got 4 new pairs of socks, 2 new pairs of running shorts, and a way cool sports bra. Oh, and I met SUA’s XC coach. That was neat.
Then we went home to have the Robison Family Summer Birthday Bonanza. Which was fun, complete with food, drinking, balderdash, and lots of fun. Oh my family parties would so totally beat your family parties ;)
Then everyone left, and I couldn’t go to the St. Gert’s fest, and I had to clean. So I watched Showboat. Again.

Slept in!! Oh, glorious
12 o’clock mass

I then saw the 3:15 showing of Madagascar with Mom, Katie, Muffy, Johnny, and Megan.
Joy called me waaay too early in the morning, which I would have gotten earlier if my phone had not been off. After hours of confusion, we finally agreed to meet in Clifton at Stillwells (on Ludlow). I got there a bit later than expected, having to stop off at my parents dinner party thing for something rather, and headed off quite unscathed into Clifton, with instructions to park in a lighted area.
I didn’t know he wasn’t part of our group.
Maybe the trio should have clued me in a little bit further.

p. to the s.
His name was Joel

He was pretty nice, and not unfortunate looking, but unfortunately (sources tell) was pushy. As I walked towards Joy, Bill, and Ashley, I had wondered who the fourth person was. No need, as he introduced himself as Joel. We talked for a bit as his friends wandered by, with things ranging from geckos with tumors to joints. We talked about Capture the Flag, which gave me the idea that he was in our group since my earlier convos with Bill had included the fact that he had wanted to play a non-old person game. (Fyi old person games include corn hole and croquet.) Joel invited us to go to the park. I still had no clue how he was related to our group, so on we went, down down down into the woods with Joel, the gecko girl, the Finnish student (Joel spoke to him in Finnish–that was actually pretty cool), and this random drunk man, who later started talking about marijuana. Which, by the way, this kid Joel’s friends had a lot of.
>>Oh, did I mention their plan to sacrifice the virgins?
Joy and I looked at each other and were like “Uhhhh...”
This weird, really bitchy girl was getting really weird about it [sex/fucking/sacrificing the virgins]. She also had man armpits.
Then Joel brought it up with me later. Whether I was a virgin or not. Ummmmm....
I could have been raped. RAPED. Bill almost left me but he didn’t. Joy wouldn’t have let him, and I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have anyways. He’s too nice. I walked ahead with Joel before I realized I hadn’t heard the trio in a while. That’s because they were walking really far behind and making plans to call my cell phone to tell me that my mom needed me.
I’m telling you: we hiked through the creepy woods with creepy kids
So after our adventure down into the woods of Clifton, which some may say was pretty stupid and could have ended up a lot worse, I trekked out of there with BillJoy and Ashley. We walked up Ludlow to Ashley’s car in the CVS Pharmacy where we hung out until it started to rain and Joy had to go since she had H-care in the morning. Then Bill walked me to my car, which was super nice of him since we were walking the streets of Clifton at night, and I drove him to his car. I felt bad because it was raining. I was supposed to go up to Maria’s but the rain was waaay too heavy. So instead I went home, got dry clothes on, made popcorn, and watched Showboat (duh).

Today, Monday, I am at work.
Then I’ve got the David Pepper Internship, so I will be driving over to East Walnut Hills. Then I’m going running. Then I’m going to bed or watching a movie since it will be about 9:30/10 by this time.

So we all need to have some get together and call and leave a voicemail.
Also, according to Maria, the report cards are coming, so I better go home and ch-ch-check it out.

I miss you all and I want to hang out so hopefully I will see you on the flip side

OH Before I forget: I was TAGGED!!
Tag, I’m it!

10 things that help me relax: (I got flipping tagged twice hehe)
1. Watching movies
2. Running
3. Visit people’s houses to say hello (i.e. Millie’s house)
[p.s. if you would like your house put on the Julie's House Visiting List as possible options, be sure to comment. If you need a second opinion, Miss Monica D will be sure to tell you how much she loves my visits :oD lol]
4. Sleeping
5. Playing music really loud and singing along. Often badly, but nevertheless singing
6. Reading
7. Writing (either creative or just ideas or so on)
8. Play with one of the five little robsters
9. Shower for a looong time
10. rowing on katie's erg; that thing majorly wears me down after a while hehe

I wish I could say bake but it seems to stressful to have to clean up after myself

I tag...
[EDIT: by the way maria you totally tagged people from my tagging list!
but i didn't care and tagged them anyways
great minds must think alike :) haha}]

1. tell_me_no_lies
2. giver_of_fever
3. lovelovejk
4. uarower2388
5. jay_en_el


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10:02 am


i love zach
You scored as Prep/Jock/Cheerleader.






Ghetto gangsta




Drama nerd








What's Your High School Stereotype?
created with QuizFarm.com

yess so this is a realllllly big shocker

and yes, you do wish you were me :)

and yes, saved by the bell is l.i.f.e.

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