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May 27th, 2006
05:54 pm


hey guess what i'm alive

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January 30th, 2006
07:17 pm


captain america said you've got to be like me or you're goin' end up dead
the moe concert was amazing.
the music...
the lights...
the fans...
the energy...
everything was just phenomenal.


that i came home reeking of weed.

but it was a.ma.z.i.n.g. nonetheless

lj just doesn't do justice...

god bless the jam bands.

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January 14th, 2006
08:35 pm


i have fallen and i can not get up
I'm supposed to be studying right now.
Instead I'm wasting away on the internet because I am so incredibly TIRED of studying
and other things too
and blahblahblah I may be add because I have just become bored writing this post.


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January 6th, 2006
05:26 pm


i heart friday
I think it's time to sing the "It's Friday!!" song.

friday friday friday friday no school til monday monday monday aka the day of doom but today is friday friday friday (insert techno music)

thank you.

i will rememember you all when i take home a grammy.

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December 30th, 2005
04:31 pm


come in she said i'll give you shelter from the storm
so i was sitting here thinking....how much i love bob dylan and that lovely picture i have up. This probably comes from the fact that my dear dear friend sarah besl (godbesl to mere mortals) drove over to my house yesterday bearing gifts. cd gifts, to be accurate. 4 bob cds, one cd of the band, and one cd of strangefolk. they are amazingamzazingamazing minus the fact that on all 4 bob cds i have yet to find shelter from the storm. the song that only got me hooked on bob. only my favorite. but whatev. i digress.

i was also thinking what a shame it is that break has been filled up with work and worries and not nearly enough time spent with friends. but then again, i suppose i must make a living somehow. even if it is just shredding hundreds and hundreds of dead files and acting as temp secretary as my father's secretary just didn't come in today. so here is my first 2006 resolution: spend more time with friends. because when i'm feeling down, it's always good to know that they're there for you. even if sometimes you feel like they're not or they can't, i say take a chance. you may be mildly surprised.

i don't have a lot to say right now except that time is slipping through my fingertips.
and i wish that i could be more articulate with my thoughts.
and that i had chinese for lunch today with my dad and it was gooood.

so from my heart to yours, i wish you a very happy new year and i hope to see more of you in it.
till we meet again,
Julie Marie Elizabeth Robison, your friend

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December 26th, 2005
06:34 pm


merry christmas everybody!!
Sooo I like it when I always come back to LJ to see if anyone has commented on my latest entry when I realize that the last time I was on I only thought about updating so NO i did not get any new comments so that's when i relized: it's time for an update.

so here it is.

merry christmas (which was yesterday. and which was, by the way, very merry, and i love everyone and i love my family and i love my presents and i love the christmas spirit, even if i am a christmas card slacker)

so, love love merry christmas love from moi, julie

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December 5th, 2005
05:17 pm


The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe comes out FRIDAY

anyone? anyone?

i <3 c.s. lewis

((that means that we are seeing it))

speaking of which, mother would not allow us to go see harry potter iv last night. i felt very distraught by the fact that i would not be able to see harry, ron, or hermione--not to mention cedric. so, i have decided to go again one day. i love harry potter.

however, harry potter has homework and so does julie so i am off to be studius and catch up on at least three days worth of homework. but it was totally worth it. kairos was amazing.

ps sadd meeting was great! next monday is BYOB...Bring Your Own BANANA!! haha bring a banana and we'll make sundaes and celebrate christmas and not drinking over the holiday and then touch on mean girls and the whole bullying/cliche thing. Mr. Nieman totally had never seen that movie before and he said he really enjoyed it. Until, of course, he ran off to academic team :)

so now i am off. st. nick is coming tonight so i hope everyone was good... <:D HOHOHO love and kisses from julie marie elizabeth robison

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November 28th, 2005
02:33 pm


three cheers for large granny smith apples on a crisp fall day
I'm not cool enough to update.
the end.

HOWEVER, I am cool enough to go home early to work on college essays and study AP Biology. Because I am that cool.
postscript pssst cool is a lame-ass word
so now I am off to lame-ass.

at least I'm not typing JULIE WANTS into google

i mean...those were hilarious. true that.

well I'm off to run around silly old mt. lookout and edit articles and type essays and not think about inevitable things like winter dances and re-read the chronicles of narnia because I have already finished book one and book two and now I am on book three: the horse and his boy

I am going on Kairos on Wednesday so miss me lots and I will miss you too until I am distracted by all the emotion and the zen atmosphere and the gummy worms I will be sneaking in there because hell no I won't be surviving for three days on food I wouldn't feed my hamster.
or dog. if I had one.

more later

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November 7th, 2005
03:50 pm


Is this more than you bargained for yet

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November 6th, 2005
04:14 pm


I'm supposed to be working on homework...aren't we all

sooo....I'll probably break down and work on facebook and myspace because yes i am a loser and probably shouldn't have 488938345gazillion ways for people to find me and comment about me and HOORAH! friendships will be made and all will be jolly
even though i am never online so i have no clue how i'll pull this one off

Hillsdale was excellent. Went to English, History, Biology, and Latin.
I have decided that I am becoming an American Studies major because it is an interdisciplinary major that combines English, History, and Political Science. Can we just say: !!!!!!!!!!!!
They do not offer anthropology. sadness all around, I am sure.
Made some friends. Ate the cafeteria food. slept. Talked to lots of people. Was slightly overwhelmed/ in awe of the fact that Hillsdale had boys at the school. Very nice boys too lol Went to this Improv Comedy show by Chicago City Lights. It was hilarious. Went to my first Frat party at the Sigma Chi house, which was a ton of fun. The campus felt really safe walking home, and apparently the only people you have to wonder about are the "townies" --> where have I heard THAT term before? haha Stayed up late talking to this senior, but then had to go to bed since it was well past one and I had breakfast in the morning with Dad and my ambassador Katie. Left Hillsdale. We got home later than expected. I really wanted to see people and hang buuuut I was on babysitting patrol since mom and dad decided to go to yet another dinner party.
my family is so cool.
maybe i should have a dinner party and follow in the family tradition.
I was exhausted and couldn't focus on anything so I watched 2 1/4 movies before reading t.wilder's OUR TOWN went to bed at 1:43 AM

Worked SADD and somewhat Lion's Roar (it was right next to SADD, so i would slide in occasionally) at the Open House. Talked to the entire English department after dropping off the SADD sign in Mr. Nieman's room. I then went to the gallery where I bumped into Matt. BigBIG hug. I have not seen him in soo long and it was good to see him before the show, which I will be attending...either Friday or Saturday..so HI! HO! LET'S GO!

...the internet is addictive. and eating up my time so I must get back to what I i got on to do..boring blahblah work no more of the mentioned above I must get through at

ps i need to figure out how to get pictures from a digital camera to the comp so if anyone knows how, buzzz me up

pps Chrissy this is a lame way of getting a hold of you but if you happen to read this I need to discuss newspaper stuff.

byeeee j.rob

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